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Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Nitropep antimicrobial surface coatingNitroPep's efficacious, non-toxic antimicrobial coating  has been developed to ensure fast-acting, long-lasting results for metal and plastic surfaces

Our robust antimicrobial coating bonds antimicrobial actives directly to metal and plastic surfaces. This removes the need for repeated cleaning applications as the antimicrobial activity remains on the surface.

NitroPep is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and has the potential to circumvent the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), as it provides a physical method of destroying pathogens.

Developed and patented by research teams at the University of Birmingham, NitroPep is a new line of defence against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Led by Dr Felicity de Cogan, from the Institute of Microbiology & Infection, University of Birmingham, our product has been initially developed for use on door handles, push plates and grab rails.

In a recent five-month clinical study, across 24 sites in the UK city of Birmingham, NitroPep demonstrated a higher than 99% kill rate, stopping the growth of pathogenic microbes on all metal-coated surfaces.

Our successful clinical studies means there is potential to widen the rollout of our non-toxic coating to other regularly-handled steel surfaces, including toilet flush handles, bed rails and metal medical equipment.

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Our antimicrobial technology effectively kills pathogens on contact.

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The science behind it…

NitroPep’s scientifically-proven and patented technology prevents surface colonisation and biofilm formation, ensuring that surface ‘recontamination’ and onward transmission of bacteria can be prevented.

The antimicrobial coating works by chemically bonding a regulated biocide to metal or plastic surfaces. A process called cell lysis ruptures the cell walls – imagine needles popping balloons – and the pathogens are then destroyed after contact.

NitroPep has independently assessed laboratory data that shows that our covalently bonded coating using chlorhexidine kills SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, along with gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and fungi. A summary of this study report can be provided on request.

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NitroPep has partnered with leading metal processing experts Rübig


Rübig’s low temperature vacuum plasma cleaning technology removes all traces of surface contamination to ensure that their subsequent PACVD plasma activation enables pre-cursor molecules to be bonded to the surface of components, ensuring permanent attachment of NitroPep’s patented antimicrobial technology. NitroPep and Rübig have signed an exclusive licence partnership to work together to further develop and expand this exciting technology.

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