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Antiviral + Antimicrobial Protection
for high-traffic touch surfaces

NitroPep's antimicrobial surface coating effectively kills pathogens and works rapidly on regularly-handled surfaces, including door handles and grab rails, with a bacteria kill rate higher than 99.99%.

Our technology prevents surface colonisation and biofilm formation, ensuring surface ‘recontamination’ and onward transmission can be prevented.

NitroPep antiviral air filters have been proven to kill 99.99% of viruses, including Coronaviruses, in under 1 minute. Our air filter is installed easily into any filtration and air flow control system.

Proven and tested technology, developed and patented by research teams at the University of Birmingham.

Based on experiments performed at the University of Birmingham (UK), NitroPep-treated surfaces rapidly inactivates SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Please refer to report for further details.

NitroPep and Covid-19

NitroPep antimicrobial surface coating rapidly inactivates SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Independently-assessed laboratory data shows our covalently-bonded coating kills SARS-CoV-2, along with gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and fungi.

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NitroPep’s patented surface coating technology can kill bacteria and viruses in seconds and can prevent biofilm formation. The NitroPep coating process can be applied to a diverse range of industrial sectors.

Why NitroPep?

The spread of infection and contamination from bacterial, viral, air-borne and insect-borne disease cause the biggest public health issues globally.

NitroPep Surface Coatings guarantee that contact surfaces are free of bacteria and germs, working to prevent infections, illness and poor health.

NitroPep Antiviral Air Filter coating technology reduces the risk of airborne disease transmission in a cost effective way.

NitroPep antimicrobial coating company
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NitroPep has partnered with leading metal processing experts Rübig


Rübig’s low temperature vacuum plasma cleaning technology removes all traces of surface contamination to ensure that their subsequent PACVD plasma activation enables pre-cursor molecules to be bonded to the surface of components, ensuring permanent attachment of NitroPep’s patented antimicrobial technology. NitroPep and Rübig have signed an exclusive licence partnership to work together to further develop and expand this exciting technology.

NitroPep Journal

NitroPep antimicrobial coating and the fight against fungal pathogens

NitroPep antimicrobial coating

A new study has demonstrated how NitroPep antimicrobial coating can stop the spread of fungal infection, particularly in healthcare settings.

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Can antiviral air filters prevent Covid-19 transmission on public transport?

Can antiviral air filters prevent Covid-19 transmission on public transport?

A new study has looked at the efficacy of NitroPep’s antimicrobial and antiviral air filters to prevent the spread of pathogens in public spaces – particularly transport.

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Antimicrobial technology and the fight against the “hidden pandemic”

Resistance to antibiotics could pose a major threat to public health. Antimicrobial technology could offer a way to reduce this risk.

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How antimicrobial technology can reduce the spread of pathogens

We look at how antimicrobial technology has been proven to offer protection from bacteria and viruses.

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Antimicrobial coating companies: developing technology to stop the spread

How antimicrobial coating companies are developing technology to make our spaces safer.

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How do antiviral air filters reduce the impact of Covid-19?

Nitropep antiviral air filters can help reduce the impact of Covid-19

Studies have shown that antiviral air filters can help reduce the impact of viral, air-borne diseases, such as Covid-19, by reducing the spread of infection.

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Case studies: A closer look at how NitroPep works in situ

NitroPep antimicrobial coating has proven efficacy in multiple case studies

NitroPep’s antimicrobial coating technology has been tested extensively in both laboratory and real-life settings. Read the data, findings and feedback from product tests, studies and real-life use.

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What’s the Risk of Catching Coronavirus From a Surface?

antimicrobial coating company

This article, from the New York Times, discusses the possibility of catching the coronavirus from contaminated surfaces, such as groceries, delivered packages or elevator buttons. 

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